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Things you need to know before start selling your Artworks online.



This blog is supposed to be just a 3 slide Instagram story, but when I started writing on this topic I could not stop. I have tried to cover the maximum ways where you can make money from your artworks online and passively too. If you’re an Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer or basically any type of beginner or professional who is looking for an extra source of passive incomes, this blog is for you.

5 Important things to be taken care of before you apply to sell your artworks.

  1. Your artwork has to be 100% original.
  2. Your artwork should not have any recognisable face, brand name, logo or any kind of element that connects your work to any brand or personal.
  3. You should have a verified Paypal account for all your payouts.
  4. Should have a good knowledge of working with Photoshop and should be aware of terms like ‘resolutions’ or ‘DPI’ in this subject.
  5. You should learn to parallelly focus on creating an audience on all social media platforms in order to promote your products and make conversion.

10 best E-commerce platforms where you can sell your artworks.

  1. Society6
  2. Redbubble
  3. Designs by Humans
  4. Zazzle
  5. Patternbank
  6. Spoonflower
  7. Etsy
  8. Creative Market
  9. Envato
  10. Threadless

Let’s learn about different types of platforms that help artists in one or the other way.

What type of platform is Society6, Redbubble, Zazzle?

These are the product based website where they sell their physical products with your artworks printed on them. These websites help artists earn specific commissions/markups behind each sale they make from your artwork. Interesting right? Your strategies to make a conversion is very important here, and the number of followers you have can be a bonus for you but above all conversion strategy is Important.

What type of platform is Patternbank, Spoonflower, etc?

Patternbank, Spoonflower, iPattern, etc is a platform where you sell your pattern designs straight to manufacturers and brands. Eg. A clothing brand will buy your patterns from these platforms and print it on their collection and sell. It is more of a business to business kind of platform with no interaction of the consumer. This type of platforms has the highest commission rates up to 50%-56%.

The highest I have earned from Patternbank by selling just one pattern is INR 17,000 ($220) after all the cutoffs. Yes, it’s true, now imagine you selling at least 5 Prints every month. You can earn at least up to INR 50,000 ($650) per month for sure if you work on it dedicatedly.

Again, each one has their own terms, you can do some research before you start selling on these websites.

Why I always put a lot of stress in telling everyone to make patterns because in India if we talk about an art career, Print/Pattern designer is the only profile after a Creative Directors who has the highest payrolls in the art field.

Above all, you can work from home or work from the mountains too. 🙂

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a platform that neither sells your artworks printed on their products like Society6 & Redbubble etc, nor it is a platform where you can sell the soft copy of your designs to the brands.

It is one of the oldest platforms where you can sell your physical products straight to the customers or consumers. You can definitely make your own shop of your paintings, craft items, etc there. It does charge a small amount to let you use the platform professionally.

The responsibility of promotions, packagings & in some cases Shippings too will be taken care by you only. It is one of the best platforms if you sell your DIYs, Paintings, etc.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an E-commerce platform where you can make your own website to sell your products. This platform is not just for Art & Artists but for every product that you can imagine. When I was practising my web designing skills, I’ve found some major websites that are built using this platform including Kylie Jenner’s & Kim Kardashian’s websites. On the other hand, the service will be unaffordable for beginner artists or even for professionals after their 14 Days trial.

What is Creative Market, Shutterstock, Envato, Freepik, etc?

These platforms are a universal marketplace. These are focused on selling Illustrations, Photoshop Mockups, Graphic Design Templates, Vector Arts, Stock Images & Stock Videos. For Creative Market & Envato, your file needs to be very very professional because of their high standard conditions. If they find your design or file doesn’t meet their standards then your file/design can be eliminated from selling. But if you focus on the quality of your work as an artist, as a designer, Photographer or a Videographer, these platforms can help you make a good amount of money every month.

What is Freepik?

Freepik is another creative platform which pays the artist/designer for every download. They hire designers/artists at 2 different levels of contributors. One is where you are free to upload your designs / accessible artworks whenever you want, without any pressure to create & upload designs on a daily basis. Resources from such type of contributors are only available to Freepik’s Premium members or subscribers. Or you can join their team where you’ll be hired as a fulltime artist/designer and will be given a few tasks to make the downloadable resources. Resources from such contributors are available for Free to all visitors including both Premium & non-Premium members. The download ratio of these resources are very high which means more earnings. Obviously your good portfolio is very important here, If your portfolio gets rejected in this type of contributor programme, you’ll only be able to reapply after 6 months.

10 steps to start selling your artworks on E-commerce platforms.

Each platform has different terms for uploading your assets. I am sharing a few important points that will help you in starting with websites like Society6, Redbubble, etc. –

  1. Create good quality artwork.
  2. Scan it on high Dpi (not less than 600Dpi)
  3. Create few versions of your artworks which should include two types of work (a) Your artwork at the centre of the frame, and (b) A seamless pattern of your artwork.
  4. Read the upload terms of each website thoroughly that you want to sell on. Read all their dimension requirements and DPI requirements properly and start making your artworks as per the guided resolutions and dimensions using Photoshop. Always make sure your artwork does not pixelate even a bit when zoomed at 100% (Actual Size). This shows the quality of your work and also will be printed at the best quality.
  5. Create your account on these websites.
  6. Connect your account with your verified Paypal account.
  7. Upload all the assets of different dimensions as guided.
  8. Set your designs on each product carefully. The way you see your designs on screen, it’ll be printed in the exact same way only, so be double sure before you publish your designs.
  9. Set your markups/commissions.
  10. Download your mockups and start promoting.

If you made it till here then I’m sure you have pretty much exploded yourself in researching this topic. If you are looking for more details on this topic or want one to one help from me, please do comment on this blog and we’ll discuss your problems and will find the best solution for you.

I am also including my accounts on these platforms in case you’re looking for a reference. 🙂

I would love to help and hear from you.

Last, If you want me to help you setting up your online creative business, I am offering 2 hours of personal session where we can discuss the possibility to give a kick start to your creative business and selling your artworks online. I will do my research on your creative niche and build a strong working strategy for you to sustain in this successfully. 🙂 Book a personal session here.

Happy Creating.



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88 thoughts on “Things you need to know before start selling your Artworks online.”

  1. Samriddhi Sahu

    Hello !! It’s really very helpful Thankyou so much for sharing, your work always motivates n inspire me to do more . I have a doubt as u told in redbubble they only need ur pattern. So how do u send ur patterns to them as a pdf or via mail or what?? I mean what’s the procedure ?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Samriddhi,

      Thank you for your question. Yes if you’re looking for Redbubble to print your artworks or designs on all the products they have, I would suggest you make your designs in the following formats –

      1. Make a seamless pattern so that it can be printed on fabrics materials like Apparels, Duvet covers, Curtains, etc which are more likely to sell among the majority of the audience. Keep this pattern file in JPG format at 4000x4000px at 300 DPI.

      2. Create another version of Image (JPG) which has just your artwork at the centre, that’s it. This version will be best when printed on stickers, art prints, canvas, tote bags, mobile covers etc. Keep this version in 2 Sizes one in square 4000x4000px at 300DPI and another in verticle dimension of around 4000x5000px at 300DPI.

      Once you create the files in the above variations, you’re supposed to upload them on your Redbubble account by yourself. There won’t be any reviews done by the platform and you’re free to print whatever you want. 🙂

      Hope this helped you. Let me know if you have any other questions on this.


      1. Thank you Nikhat, it was really motivating and brilliant approach just want to take a suggestion, that as an architect, can I apply to any of these platforms plus what kind of work should I post… Please do reply

        1. nikhatillustrations

          Hey Wasama,

          If you’re an Architect and finding ways to build a virtual identity, then I’d suggest you enhance your skills on different levels like presenting your plans in 2D & 3D types, also you can do some research and join some online communities that are focused on that specific industry. You can connect with Interior designers on LinkedIn. There are a lot of jobs on Upwork on Architecture, you can check that too.


        2. While uploading the images for the kind of work we need to sell , should it also be similar to what we see on the websites or raw images of artworks are acceptable for Patternbank?

          1. nikhatillustrations

            Hi Monica,

            Your files on Patternbank should be exactly in the format you see on the website. Along with the main pattern file, you can always include raw images, scan files, and other resources that you’ve used in making the pattern. It helps the buyer to work on it in the way they want. 🙂


    2. Hellow ? i just made an account on freepik and then saw your blog. I really want to earn from these kind of platforms n build my portfolio . Im still confused about the payment methods of freepik . Also im from Pakistan and i have no idea about this PayPal thing. Im a beginner i really need guidance. Thanks ?

      1. nikhatillustrations

        Hi Mahrukh,

        Paypal is not a big thing. You can simply create your account on it and link your bank account and credit or debit card with it. Linking your bank account to it helps you in accepting payments of different currencies straight to your bank account. And your Credit / Debit Card helps you shop items from different countries. Also, you can check Freepik’s Contributor FAQ – for answers to all your questions. 🙂


    3. Hello! Thanks for this post! I love you work, is very inspiring! I’m happy to found your blog, this way I can learn so much more. I was watching you last video on youtube and I have a question: how do you descover your own way to draw? How to put your personality in your design ?

    4. Madhura Sahasrabudhe

      Hi nikhat
      The blog was very much informative … i m an interior designer with a passion of painting florals I don’t know whether I will be able to paint patterns pls help me for that ………. till now I have painted with watercolours.. I want to sell the painting online pls help me for that also … thank u for inspiring
      My Instagram page @hobbieshandmade

  2. Hi Nikhat. I have been following you for months and am being inspired by your dedication to arts and your arts itself.
    I need a help I would say. I have looked for some tutorials about how to set the required image resolution for art products, but still I could not catch it. If you don’t mind, would you make a video about how you do it in photoshop.

    Thank you very much

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Rahma,

      Thank you for your question. As selling your artworks online also needs a good knowledge of using Photoshop. After writing this blog I have already added your request on my to-do-list. I’ll be up with teaching Photoshop as well on my YouTube soon.

      Thank you for staying connected. 🙂


      1. vijayaa kanoi

        hey nikhat I have been following you for long and seen all your love session ,even i dont have a degree in surface pattern designing but i want to pursue it recently i have readed only all about photoshop the only prob i am facing is i dont have a scanner so wht should i do also i wanted to know i when ever i try to create a pattern when enlarged they break into pixcels why is it so wht am i doing wrong? it would be really nice of you if u could help me with this

  3. At first thank you so so so much for taking that time to write the amazing article! It’s just really amazing and I appreciate your help for everyone …
    Actually I’m just super super curious about the freepik and the patternbank I need a platform to sale my digital artwork as what you do So I was wondering if the freepik and the patternbank could help me to do that?
    Thank you

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Farah,

      Thank you for your question. I love your work on Instagram and I must say you should definitely start selling digital versions of it on websites like Freepik & Patternbank. I will cover the details of both the platforms in individual points here –

      1. Freepik – If you see there are hundreds and even thousands of Mandalas on Freepik available for download for free and that’s how an artist earns from freepik. You’ll be paid every time one downloads your artwork. If you work and upload your resources on Freepik regularly there will be a high chance for you to increase your downloads. I’d suggest you to definitely try this as it is really great way to earn passive income. Also, you can earn even from all your rough ideas and sketches too which you thought might not fit for your Instagram presentations. 🙂

      2. Patternbank – Unlike Creative market and Envato, this platform also comes with high standard terms and conditions. Before you start selling on this platform you need to apply for a seller account by submitting up to 10-12 of your best pattern designs. When I applied it asked for only 4-5 designs but as the fashion and pattern industry is growing, they have also raised the bar of competition. For this, you should first start learning about pattern design and then apply for a seller account. Also, keep this in mind that if you get rejected you won’t be able to reapply from the same email or Paypal id ever.

      I hope this helped you, I would love to answer more of your question if you have on this topic. 🙂


      1. Thank you so much for your answer and help !
        I still have actually some questions such as will I be supposed to pay any fee from the website I mean same as when we open our Etsy shop and how can I price my design or I have to put them for free , if not for free then how much I have to put them for , also when I will get paid per download or per month ?

        1. nikhatillustrations

          Hey Farah,

          These are free platforms and you won’t get charged for selling your artworks on these platforms. Also, you don’t have to worry about pricing your artworks, Freepik usually pays you based on how many times your resources have been downloaded. And Patternbank is also a free platform and they sell your patterns in their fixed prices. If anyone buys your print you’ll get 50% commission of the selling price. It will be totally your decision if you want to sell your prints with a premium licence or standard licence. 🙂

          You can find more details on their respective website –
          Freepik Contributor FAQ –
          Patternbank Seller Guide –

          Hope this help. 🙂


          1. Thank you so so much dear ! You helped me a lot I will open one this week hopefully ? and if I have any questions I’m so sorry to bother you again but this sounds really interesting so thanks for sharing this with us
            Much love ❤️

          2. Mittal Rajput

            What is difference between premium and standard licenses ? Can you elaborate this two things ?

  4. Hi Nikhat,
    Thank you for this lovely post. Loved reading it. I had applied for Patternbank and I got rejected. This is the link to my portfolio, was wondering if you could tell me what might have went wrong. And what type of patterns cater to Patternbank, that I should focus on learning.

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Sanjana,

      I just checked your portfolio and it is absolutely stunning esp. the ‘Blue Toxin’. Loved the thought behind it. I can understand you might be worried about the rejection but I would suggest you study the market trend in this industry. Patternbank usually releases their trend guide I guess every month ( you can get it here – ), subscribe to their newsletter as it helps a lot in understanding the latest trends. If you really want to start on this platform for a longer run, I’d recommend you to make some exclusive designs only for applying on pattern bank and then re-apply using a different email. I’m sure you’ll do it. Also on the other note, Patternbank does ask for a portfolio link as well as your Instagram link, they check on both the links about your profile as a dedicated designer. Make sure to present yourself as the same on all your social platforms. 🙂

      Hope this will help you.


  5. Hii Nikhat,
    Thank you for this information as this helped me a lot and even to grow more actually I am having a doubt that this all deals with the fabric patterns and much more but as I am an beginner and I make paintings on canvases so my question is that how to sell or how to grow more in this as many of the websites just need patterns so which would be more helpful for me ??
    Or are there any other options for me .
    Thank you

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Kushal,

      You can use Etsy if want to sell your canvas paintings without getting worried about all the photoshop & pattern things. Be patient and focus on Etsy as there are much higher chances of getting your paints sold on Etsy. Apart from just Etsy you can parallelly focus on too if you want to sell your paintings on a dedicated art shop. 🙂


      1. Hello.
        As you said.
        “Set your designs on each product carefully.
        The way you see your designs on screen, it’ll be printed in the exact same way only, so be double sure before you publish your designs.”
        I didn’t get this point.
        On what product we have to set our design?

        1. nikhatillustrations

          Hi Akanhsha,

          When you put your designs on platforms like society6 and redbubble, they’ll sell their products with your designs printed on it. While uploading they ask to set designs on each product. You can do a bit of research for deep details into the process. Haha! 🙂

  6. Hi, can you also share what’s the specs of the scanner you are using (if any) in case you are scanning traditional artworks (like the one with ink and paints)?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Abby,

      Any scanner would work in this case. All you have to focus on is scanning properties of your artwork. Always scan your artworks at 600DPI or higher, so your design can be used for larger prints too. 🙂

      Thank You,

  7. Hi Nikhat,
    I follow your work on Instagram and love it totally ❤️.
    I am more into crafty field and is trying to build up audience on Instagram for now.
    So generous of you to share all this information.


    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Jyoti,

      Really glad to read this one. 🙂 You are doing really great into this, in most cases your building an audience is very important before you start selling on these marketplaces. 🙂


  8. Anubhuti Jain

    Wow! What an insightful writeup! Thanks for sharing it. I am a hobby artist and I’m in the first step of drawing everyday, exploring new softwares and learning to create orignal stuff. What would you suggest I should not miss out learning in the start? Also what is the best style of making a portfolio for a self taugh artist!?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Anubhuti,

      It’s really great that you’re working on your drawing skills. I’d suggest you focus on just one software before anything and that is Adobe Photoshop. This will help you a lot with your artworks in the future. The rest of your question is big topics too. I have added those topics in my list for the blog and will be posting it soon hopefully. 🙂 Till then keep practising.


      1. Hi! Nikhat this bolg is waht I needed. Though I am at very initial stage of art journey. Some people keep askjg me what are u going to do with these paintings. Even I was doubtful about selling them. I always dreamt of selling pattern for different articles. My question is do v have to pay on this sites to upload our pattern? Means whyt is the procedure to send th our patterns?

        1. nikhatillustrations

          Hi Ishrat,
          It sounds great that you’re making your efforts in this industry. I must aware you, you’re going to face a lot of questions like such in your way. Always be patient and keep creating. 🙂 My answer to your question is these sites are as free as Facebook & Instagram. All you have to do is as I’ve mentioned in the 10 points at the end of the blog. You are free to upload any pattern/artworks you want on whatever products you want. 🙂 Hope I helped.


          1. Thank you thank you so much… You have really encouraged me continue my journey nd giving it direction further.lots of love.

  9. hi nikhat, i have been following your art works and you tube channel for quite a while. And I really love your artworks. I had a few queries. Firstly, I am not sure whether my paintings/art works are worthy enough for this online selling thing? How to do this judgement? and secondly till now i have been working on framed canvas for my paintings..which are quite big in size? How to scan them in the required dpi level? can you please help me out in these two aspects? please?
    thanks a lot

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Sayoni,

      Thank you so much for loving my work. 🙂 And also thank you for sending me an email. I’ve read it and will respond to you there as well with clear perspectives. 🙂 Your paintings are really beautiful and trust me there is a market for everything. Be confident and start selling. in regards to your second question about scanning big canvas paintings, You should go for a professional photoshoot in that case. Big framed paintings are mostly photographed and then used in multiple ways.

      Hope I helped you here.


  10. Trupti Jadhav

    I have started painting few days back. I paint florals and portrait designs mostly.
    Here is my Instagram account @artsy.tupu.j
    Kindly check the painting I do on this account and since I am just a new bee I wanted to ask if I can start selling prints of what I paint.

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Trupti,

      You are an amazing artist and by looking at your work I’m sure you can do great as a Print designer. You should definitely start selling but before that, I’d suggest you be excel in using Photoshop and learn as much as you can about the trends of prints in fashion.


      1. Thank you Nikhat. Your reply has given me a hope.
        Will surely work on points you stated.
        Also, you are doing great.
        This blog has truly helped me. And I will also like to ask if you can write a blog on how to grow on Instagram as a artist, it will be a lot help. Thank you again.
        Best wishes to you?

        1. nikhatillustrations

          Hi Trupti,

          I am glad that my blog helped you. Yes I am actually dying to write that post because I have collected to much and it is hard to hold on for a longer time. ?

  11. Hello Nikhat

    The blog post was amazing & a sure eye opener for many of us. Would like to one thing about society6. I saw you have used the same pattern on a lot of objects that society6 sells. Is there any restriction on how many objects should we make our print? Also are we allowed to use our designs on as much as products for free of cost?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Jeyashri,

      Thank you for reading my post. Basically society6, redbubble, etc work in the same kinda way. There is no such calculation in this, all you have to do is upload your designs in required sizes and dimensions and it automatically adjusts the uploaded designs on their products. You can definitely edit each of them before you publish them in your store. :)There are already quite a few products in them and you’ll have an option if you want to publish your design in all of them or just a few of them. The choice will always be yours. 🙂

      Hope I helped.


  12. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post. I am slightly confused though is it ok to upload the same design on let’s says patternbank, society 6 and redbubble?


    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi, Yes if you’re uploading your design on Patternbank under a “Standard licence”, you’re free to upload same designs on different platforms. But if you’re selling your prints under “Premium licence” you’re not allowed to share it on any platform.:)

  13. Hlo, mam
    It’s really Amazing and fascinating words for all the artist who struggling to grow their artwork to Next level and to sell them.. & also this Blog really meanit.. But mam , ONE QUE.. i’m love to draw Anime character, character portfolio & Design of creatures. where & which platform i can share,sell my artwork , how to connect ANIME Design director.


    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Shahnawaz, Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 If you’re into drawing anime characters and character portfolios, I will suggest you associate with artists who are doing manga comics for both online & offline platforms, they’re always looking for good help for making their sketches, plus you can get a good pay too. Haha! But before all please keep in mind to work on your skills first because there are a lot of amazing anime artists there. Competition is really hard here. 🙂

  14. Hello.
    can you please give tips on social media marketing as in how to promote our design nd products in different platforms.

    As I have seen you , managing many platforms all together. How do you do that.
    Tips please.

  15. Hi Nikhat, the blog post was really amazing. I have been following you on YouTube and Instagram, quite a while ago and i really LOVE your artwork. You’re an inspiration. I’m a fashion and textile student, who loves to create art and try different mediums, but I’m not a pro. I want to get better and build a good portfolio side by side, while completing my degree. This blog is soo informative, Thankyou for sharing it. But i have some confusion regarding manual designs we create like one with inks and other mediums. How to upload those on patternbank ? After scanning, is there any editing required to make the colors pop a little ? As you mentioned above that you need good photoshop skills, I do know photoshop quite really well but still there is some confusion regarding manual designs, please help. Lastly digital designs or manual designs, which one are more preferable ?
    Thanks A lot.
    – Ramisha

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Rimisha,

      Thank you for showing your love. It means a lot to me. 🙂
      If you’re doing manual prints you should learn to digitalize them and make a repeat on Photoshop. No matter what mediums you’re using you’ll always have to scan it and digitalize it if you want to work with any kind of online platforms. Please don’t get confused with vector designs when I say digital design.

      Manual Print Designs –
      Vector Print Designs –

      There won’t be any preference in the type of designs here. There are many big brands including Liberty London, Anthropologie, etc who are printing vector designs alongside manual ones. I’d suggest you study fashion trends and come up with interesting concepts and then decide the techniques and mediums. 🙂

      Hope I helped you here.


  16. Hey Nikhat,
    You have an amazing instagram account it is very inspiring. And specially this blog. It really inspired me to sell my artwork. So, I am a Accessory and Creative Designer. I love to draw illustrations. I have a page on instagram @thedoodle._.writer . I don’t have much followers. It will be really kind of you if you can suggest me some tips to grow my page. And also if you can suggest best platform to sell my illustration.

    Thanks ?

  17. Hi,nikhat
    This was so helpful thank you so much I really admire you for fur your dedication and grateful for following you because your information is gem to all artists ,thank you again for this really helpful.
    Also I got the courage and confidence to start my online shop on redbubble after reading your blog ..thank you ?


  18. Shanya bharti

    Hey Nikhat,
    That’s so helpful for me. I am looking for Wesites to license my print.
    I have two queries.
    1. Can I use my one print on different websites to sell?
    2. How can I decide price of my prints?

  19. Hey Nikhat,

    This article is just a brilliant one and helpful too. It covered almost all the question about selling the art work. I have a question about digitalising my artwork. I am a mandala artist and all my designs are handmade. I use artist quity paper pens and colors but not sure how to digitalize them or how to take prints and frame them (when not selling origin designs). Also where we can approach for new Opportunities for making it a profession. Please visit my instapage hope you wouldike it.

  20. Hey Nikhat,

    This article is just a brilliant one and helpful too. It covered almost all the question about selling the art work. I have a question about digitalising my artwork. I am a mandala artist and all my designs are handmade. I use artist quity paper pens and colors but not sure how to digitalize them or how to take prints and frame them (when not selling origin designs). Also where we can approach for new Opportunities for making it a profession. Please visit my instapage hope you wouldike it. #shubhamandala

  21. Hi nikhat,
    I have read your article which is very useful. I have few questions for you. I am mandala artist and want to sell my artwork but not sure how to scan my artwork and how to digitise it as I do handmade mandala designs.
    Please visit my page shubhmandala and share your views or comments.

  22. I have read your article which is very useful. I have few questions for you. I am mandala artist and want to sell my artwork but not sure how to scan my artwork and how to digitise it as I do handmade mandala designs.
    Please visit my page shubhmandala and share your views or comments.

  23. Jayashree Patgiri

    Hello Ma’am,
    Ma’am I am a big fan of your artwork. Seeing your videos on instagram can be called as so soothing. Sometimes I watch them in repeat. I tried do attempt one of your pattern and I was so happy do it. Ma’am I always draw and paint things that are already available on the internet. But when I sit to create something I can barely create anything good. I can mix colours and paint or do doodles and just write quotes on it. But I want to try patterns. Ma’am how do I start something? When you create something what is the first thing that you do? How do you motivate yourself to create something everyday? I haven’t thought about selling ny artwork because I can barely create something which is original. I just want to make myself better in it because painting has always been a thing that gives me positivity and it is a mood lifter for me when I am stressed.
    Thank you.

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Jayashree,

      That’s very appreciable that you’re focusing on developing your skills instead of selling them. If you want to create patterns like I do I’d suggest you to subscribe to my youtube channel because I have just started a series Pattern designing there. That’ll help you. 🙂 Also it’s never too hard to stay motivated it is all in your head. Haha!


  24. Hey Nikhat, thanks for such a useful blog. Could you please suggest me, from where I can create a good online portfolio ?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Sumy,

      You can use Canva, they have pretty good templates for protfolios too. 🙂


      1. Hello Nikhat.. thankyou for the suggestion..
        I have another query regarding patternbank site.
        If one decides to go for patternbank ,which license they should prefer to go for?

  25. Shruti Shinde

    Heyy!! This was much needed ❤️ I love all your artworks and your style ? it’s inspiring in many ways. Thanks for sharing about this.
    I want to ask you that before becoming a self employed illustrator , does one should know about business and marketing stuff ?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hi Shruti,

      Thanks for reading the blog. In my opinion at initial level there’s no need of knowledge in business and marketing stuffs coz otherwise your work will be more diverted into just experimenting and not finding your actual style. But after reaching at certain level having a basic knowledge of business and marketing strategies will definitely gonna benefit you. 🙂


  26. Hi Nikhat, this post was really great and helpful! I’ve always watched such videos from people who live abroad.. so it was great to know all this information from a fellow Indian and to know that all the websites that you can approach for in India as well.. thank you so much for the information it really helped me a lot. I’m an interior designer who’s passionate about art and I’ve always wanted to sell my work online.. but was struggling with finding the correct platforms to do so. Your post helped a lot. I have one doubt did you first increase you social media presence to capture more audience for your artworks and then started selling them online or was it a simultaneous process? And how long did it take for you to actually start earning from all these websites?

    1. nikhatillustrations

      Hey Avani,

      Thank you for sharing your views on this post. I’m glad that this helped you. I am just at the next step in selling artworks online. If you’re planning for continuous sales on websites like Society6 then yes a good fan base will be very helpful. I have just focused in creating content for my social media that helped me good number of audience now in the second step if you’re already aware I’m promoting my products to sell. 🙂 Honestly I just made 19 sales last month in total that generated me around Rs. 4500 and I think it’s a good start and it’ll definitely grow if I be consistent continuously promote my products across different social media platforms. 🙂


      1. Hi Nikhat,
        Firstly thank you so much for the well explained details and giving a very valuable insight on selling art.
        I’m just a beginner and I have tried and experimented with a lot of different forms of art. But not able to make any sales and neither am i able to attract any potential customers. This blog has helped me alot..
        I have a few questions though.. I’m mostly into calligraphy and mandala and I wanted to know if traditional scanned images work on the sites you have mentioned above, or do i need to focus more on digitalising my artwork or going completely digital?
        All these years I have been experimenting alot but now I want to gain some income from the same…
        Also I wanted to know how can I go about for marketing and promoting my work on social platforms because I’m technically digitally challenged so I’ll be needing some extra extra efforts!??
        @artkaladesignstudio is my page on insta…maybe if you can give me some suggestions, that would be really helpful!!?

  27. Hey Nikhat,
    Indeed a very informative post . Thanx for giving so much insight into artwork pattern making and eventually using it !. Though I am a paper crafter (my insta handle being… @itsmagicfingers) but your art work and posts have inspired me to try my hands on this art form. Its actually very helpful to know the direction to proceed in. It always happens in the crafting industry too, the question of what to do of all the physical projects we make and these just gets accumulated over the months without finding a way out of the craft room. Your post helped i guess every artist in knowing how to process the art work in correct direction. And i am eagerly waiting for your next post 🙂

  28. Hello Nikhat.. thankyou so much for the suggestion..
    I have another query regarding patternbank site.
    If one decides to go for patternbank ,which license they should prefer to go for?

  29. Hi ,
    Thank you so much for giving such an useful advice and your guidelines on how to sell artworks. This blog is really helpful and the way you have explained is extremely vivid and to the point.
    I have just started my artwork journey and i will definitely follow your blog to acquire more useful informations regarding artworks.

    Thank you so much.
    Love from

  30. Hi ,
    Thank you so much for giving such an useful advice and your guidelines on how to sell artworks. This blog is really helpful and the way you have explained is extremely vivid and to the point.

    I have just started my artwork journey and i will definitely follow your blog to acquire more useful informations regarding artworks.

    Love from

  31. Hey,
    Suppose your pattern is a mandala, the shapes and designs might be similar to what others have created. So what to do when it comes to that? Also thank you for sharing this information for us.

  32. Thank you so much Nikhat for educating and selflessly helping others to find their path. I hardly meet such people

  33. With so much of inspiration and interest in your designs I read this blog.. It’s really informative and engaging. Having few questions.. I’ve listed down..

    1. While creating an account in spoonflower, it is asking for a verification to sell our products.. How it is done?

  34. Diksha khurana

    Hey , had a query regarding spoonflower…is it compulsory to buy our own swatch of fabric before making it available for selling? They are asking to do so , and does portfolio help…i don’t have an instagram account of my work ? Are the insta pages supportive or a portfolio?

  35. Priyamvada Agarwal

    Thank you soo much Nikhat… You are an inspiration… Thanks for your guidance.. . I hope it help me in developing my business… Thanks again ?

  36. Hi Nikhat,

    Thank you for such a beautiful blog and it’s do helpful. However I had few questions?
    I have few of my work and I want it convert that to digital and then convert it to some products via any of these platforms .
    How can I do that.
    My Instagram account is Neondreamcorner.
    Please suggest and I if you have any 1-1 session you conduct and guide budding on this field.

  37. Hi, I read your whole post and it’s been of an incredible help. Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s so well put. And it really helped me get an idea of the various ecommerce platforms. Im a beginner and I would just like to ask you, can you please give any suggestions on how I can increase my social media following to create a base for my artwork, like for example on instagram? To promote my work through social media.

    Thank you once again, you’re work is amazing!! I love it and love you! Keep going ❤️

  38. Hello ,ur blog very very useful.i want to start something of my own but have very very less knowledge abt the e-commerce selling platforms.
    How can I increase my followers and is photoshop skill is necessary?
    Also can i draw the paintings in paper and thn scan it for e-commerce platform
    And Can i earn good amount of income through it ..
    Also eager to know ur journey..can you please share it with me .

  39. Sanyukta Chowdhury

    Hello nikhar.. I am so glad and relived after reading your blog.. You are too good at your work and I am inspired by you.. But i have some confusion.. I am a newbee as a manual mandala artist.. And i really want to work in these platforms.. But how I send my art.. Manually or digitally..? As you told about photoshop.. So I am little bit confused.. And also I am a mandala addict so which platform is best for mandala ? Kindly if you ellaborate and this is my Instagram account link…please check it and give your feedback ?

  40. Hi,

    Have been following you on insta since long now. Just one question is there any other app apart from photoshop that can help with seamless patterns?

    Thank you.

  41. Hii Nikhat
    I m very interested in Art so I want to do something in this field .
    I also want to draw and sell my patterns.
    So please tell me How can I start my work on it.

  42. Hi Nikhat !

    Thank you for sharing this helpful post on your blog. Reading this was really helpful.
    I just have a query in this regard, wondering if you could guide. I’m a beginner pattern designer, and I tried setting up my account on PatternaBank but I realized that I don’t have PayPal. And I’m from Pakistan. Paypal doesn’t work in my region, I tried digging it.
    So what can I do as alternative? Since I tried searching but I don’t really think that any of these sites are offering any alternative.
    Wonder if you can suggest something in this situation.
    Besides, I really want to start freelancing.

    Much Love,
    Nida Zulfiqar

  43. Hi I am Rifath
    I am a designer .I register in freepik 2 weeks ago it is asking to upload my id .can you tell me what kind of id should we provide and is it safe to give it in freepik?

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