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Dreamy Watercolour Patterns

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Hi there,

How are you?

From past few days I am so much obsessed with learning new things from watercolour patterns to designing some exotic and colourful prints digitally. I’m still in the process of making some more prints but I thought I should share the first 6 watercolour patterns that I did on my Strathmore Watercolor Journal. I did these to keep a habit to paint and fill at least one full page a day with watercolours but it seems like I’m painting 3 a day. Haha! You can understand how excited I am to try this out. This is the first time that I am painting pattern straight on notebook and planned to fill it all. I did paint some watermelons to today and they really look so juicy I must say. I’m enjoying the process so much that I can’t wait to share a flip through of the book soon.



Rose Madder

Orange Groove



So yes here’s how they look so far and I’d really like to know which one is your most favourite among these 6 Prints. I’m stuck at the Orange Groove and Rose Madder. Until I fill the rest of the pages you can try out practising these in your notebooks and share them with me on Instagram. Until my next blog – See you soon.



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12 thoughts on “Dreamy Watercolour Patterns”

  1. I totally love all these lovely prints that u did. The florals are amazing and I do a lot of em too just to feel better on any day when m low 🙂

  2. Hi nikhat
    I once again got inspired by you and started making watercolor flowers ? just random flowers
    I hope ill be able to complete it. Keep inspiring me ❤️❣️

    1. Woww it’s so beautiful… All the patterns are just treat to the eyes?? always so happpy to see your work.. It always inspiration for me❤??

  3. OMG!! Looks so beautiful and makes it so difficult to choose a favourite the whole vibrant punch of colours??

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