Reviewing & Comparing Camlin Brush Pens

Camlin Brush Pen Review

Hi there,

Today as the title says I am gonna share my review on this amazing and super affordable brush pens that I found recently. My dear friend @artaffairss brought a set of 24 colours for me to test at my studio last Saturday. At first, I thought they might be like those cheap brush pens/sketch pens with a regular brush nibs without any specific property of blending and all. Haha! That’s a normal feeling you have while buying any extremely affordable art supply. Right? And then I’ve put their both the versions (artist/regular) on the test.

There are some points that can be considered as my review about these pens which goes as follows:

1. I absolutely loved the nibs. They’re so thick and pointy at the same time, perfect to make loose flowers and leaves. I am quickly demonstrating the perfection of the nib I mean if you love making abstract florals like me then you’ll know what I am talking about. Hehe! I’ve tried a few brushes pens that have the same shape of nibs but their flexibility and quality are no closer than this.

2. Let’s appreciate the thought of selecting shades that are perfectly close to each other. The shades are a great match to create good blends and transitions in your artworks. I’m attaching a closer shot showing a quick demo on how shades have close relations in creating good transitions. I know it’s a common thought that all supplies with 24 shades will have the same shades but no babe, Camlin has got something different for you in the box and you’re gonna love it. Trust Me!

Camlin Brush Pen Review

3. They have perfectly categorised the solution in the markers according to the pro levels and beginner levels. Like you can easily see how decent the artist versions are. The regular pens are more vibrant in nature as the artist one. I guess it’s because beginners mostly prefer using vibrant colours as they’re not aware of how tints and shades work.

Camlin Brush Pen Review

4. Talking about nibs and being not a professional calligraphist I felt these pens will not be a good option for those curly swirls. You can see the tip having tiny hairs peeping out when used on a regular/watercolour paper which might not give you the perfection in calligraphy.

5. Now let’s talk about its blending property. These dry really quick and really quick I mean extremely quick. The moment you touch the pens on paper you need to blend the stroke with water for those perfect blend. Delay of just a second might let it dry and you’ll have a dry stroke mark which is not that you wanna see unless you’re good with the dry strokes. I have compared it’s blending property with Camlin artist watercolours and Staedtler Water Color Pencils too. You can see it’s almost hard to see the difference which I absolutely loved about it.

Camlin Brush Pen Review

Note – This may lead to ruin your paper when overdrawn in the same area.

Well, I hope these points makes it clear about the product. If you’re from India you can get them in your nearest stationery at just Rs. 350 for Set of 24 (Regular Brush Pens) and Rs. 450 for Set of 12 (Artist Version). If you’ve already tried and felt like I’ve missed something about these pens or you want me to try a new art supply, please let me know in the comments section below.

Hope you’ve enjoyed. Have a good day.