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Tropical Fortune | Gift Wrapper | Set of 5

The Print signifies an open heart for love & acceptance. Send gifts wrapped in these to someone you admire and miss. These can be a great representation of your Thank Yous and for all your unspoken Promises. Show them your love is unconditional.

Best Occasions – Thank You Gifts, Recovery Gifts, Isolation Hampers, Friendship Gifts, Gifts for Siblings, Birthdays, Get Well Soon, Encouragement Gifts, and any gifts that show how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Multiple Usage – This set comes with 5 Wrapping Sheets to cover all your big and small gifts. The thickness of the paper and Silky smooth Matte finish makes it eligible for various creative usage. Eg; Can be used as Art Prints, DIYs, Gift Bags, Book Covers, Envelopes and more.

    • Gift Wrapper | Set of 5
    • Beautiful floral Print
    • Size – 12 inches x 18 inches
    • Paper – 100 Gsm Silk Coated Smooth Paper

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